What's Next ThinkShop

Filled with laughter, team challenges and questions about who you could be and what you could do as a team, this is our signature ThinkShop event.

"Best conversation I have ever been part of!"  ~Dr. Bob 


Community Deep Dives

Sometimes you need to have hard discussions.  Diversity, inclusion, accountability.  What is and isn't working for your business or community can't change unless you gather together and have open, honest and enlightening conversations.  When we facilitate these conversations people lean-in and the participants leave with new ideas, new ways of looking at old problems, and an entirely new perspective on what it takes to make up a modern workforce.  

"I realize now that I actually am part of the problem, and I know how to change it."  Dr. Rob  


Germs or Fish ThinkShop

New ideas can be attacked, like germs, avoided and washed away.  Or, they can be fish, growing into schools of new thoughts and possibilities- with everyone moving the same direction.   This ThinkShop helps you to fish! 

"We've been looking at new ideas the wrong way, this changes everything!" ~Kim 


Custom ThinkShops

We work beside you, your trainers, event speakers and others to make your ThinkShop dynamic, engaging and results oriented.  Most ThinkShops last  4 to 6 hours, but yours might last 10 or 2.  Designed just like our logo says; we ask Questions, Plan your event and then Do the work to get you the results you desire.  

"Not only was that a blast, we actually left with a plan we are exctied to execute!"   ~ Patty


Stand Together


Adverse childhood experiences, drama filled personal lives, high-pressure quotas, can all lead to on-the-job troubles.   

This coaching program starts with your team leaders, learns about your staff, and coaches everyone into a more resilient setting, with lower staff turnover and better employee engagement.

"Slowing down the employee turn over train started after this.  The entire team became both understanding and proactive."~ Janice

Figure It Out

This ThinkShop is designed to solve problems.  We invite: 

8 people with a problem

8 people with experience

8 college students 

Together, they go through a shared experience, bonding them, then move into problem solving mode.  This high energy event is fun, full of energy and pops with solutions!   



Manners.  Grades.  Communication.  Teambuilding.   

We cover a lot of ground, very quickly, with teens, during a Collaborator.  

These events generally include Canvas Creek's collaborative art and they begin with students who are not interested in the event.  They end with smiles. laughter and new relationships.  

The goal of a collaborator is to help students know they are designing their own high school experience and that they are connected enough to say, " I see you."  

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"This was so much fun!" ~ Taylor

"We noticed a definite difference in the students!  They were much kinder to each other." ~ Mrs. Hudspeth, Principal

Difficult Conversations


This two hour ThinkShop  is filled with laughter and insights, and will get your people...well...talking!  

"Now I get why it was so hard to talk to Macy about her tardiness." ~Beth

Commit to be Fit


This event is NOT for ultra-marathoners, or American Ninjas.  It is for normal, everyday people who know they need to make better choices, but are overwhelmed with where to start.   

"Best training EVER.  I'm going for a walk." ~ Tavion

Creativity ThinkShop


Partnering with Canvas Creek Team Building, this workshop blows the doors off the same ol' way of thinking.  It is HARD to start but AMAZING when completed!   Canvas Creek

We changed our way of thinking about how we interacted with our clients.   ~Mark, Insurance Broker

Teen Leadership


From manners to fund-raising, there is no better way to teach leadership than with fun and games!  

"This is the first event that told us what to do to succeed, not what not to do.  We already know not to do drugs."  ~Parker 16yo

Team Building


Think about who you want to be as a team, and where you want to go by participating in a variety of activities, each with a purpose.  During debriefing we will share insights, ask questions and set goals.   

"I hate team building, but this was GREAT!."  ~Ken, Conoco 

Linked In


If you want to win with Linked In, this ThinkShop is for you!   We delve into online goals, presence, and best practices.   Often combined with other ThinkShop events, this Thinkshop is best for groups on the go!  

"I used to be intimidated by Linked In, now I have 2000 followers and a community."  ~Jill, insurance consultant

Let's Talk

When you are ready to talk about your ThinkShop, click on the link and schedule a time that works for you!   We will:

Ask about your team.  

Bid the time and money involved in your ThinkShop.

Do amazing things for your people.