Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does It Take

Most ThinkShops last a minimum of two hours.  Depending on your goals and the size of your attendee list, they can last all day, or all weekend.   

How Much Does a ThinkShop Cost

Prices start at $850 and go to several thousand, depending on your needs.  We will provide a proposal based on materials, amount of time and number of participants.  The good news is, we are Montanans, which means we are thrifty and conscientious with your dollar.   

Where Do We Hold the Event

In most cases, we travel to you.  ThinkShops are held in offices, cafeterias, warehouses, and parks.  If you would like to experience a deep and substantial ThinkShop, consider coming to Montana.  We partner with many facilities that intensify your retreat and thinking experience.   

Will You Partner with Me

We LIVE to collaborate so much that it's our middle name!    If you are a trainer, a coach, a speaker, or incredibly cool, we are happy to work together to create a unique an effective ThinkShop.  

Are You Barrier Free

Our events are designed to include all ages and abilities.  We are a little worried about grumps, but haven't had one pass out yet, so bring them along!   

We Have Issues

We do too, but we try to keep them to a minimum.   

ThinkShops are judgement free zones and everything you say and do is confidential.  We only share stories and pictures with permission.    


How many sticky notes do you use?

We never know for sure how many sticky notes we will use....but buying stock in 3M isn't a bad idea.   Austin said, "today I learned that I like sticky note plans!" 

How should We Dress

We are going to move--- a lot.  We are going to stand and sit and walk and eat and do some fun activities.   Dress comfortably, whatever that means to your team.  

I Don't Like Team Building

We hear this from someone on every team, so it is a good thing we aren't just teambuilding.  We do have groups participate in shared experiences, to enable better conversations, but we promise there will be on trust falls or Kumbaya.  Unless, of course, you want those things.