Events designed for thinking, bonding and goal getting!

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What is a ThinkShop?

The mission of ThinkShops is to change up the tired old, sit and listen, meetings of the world!   We believe that movement equals creativity and that the right questions equal new solutions. Our events offer tactile, contemplative, boisterous, and thought filled segments so that every person on your team can THINK at their highest level. 

From lunch and learns to down and dirty, throw it all into the middle and find a solution events, ThinkShops are opportunities to question, to interact, to think new thoughts.


If your team is ready to shake things up, you are ready for a ThinkShop!  

In a ThinkShop you will:



At ThinkShops we know that when teams take the time to ask the right questions, to think about different answers, they arrive at the best solutions.  Together.  



Once you have YOUR right answers, it is time to devise your RIGHT plan.  What goals do you need to set?  What would exponential thinking do to your timeline?  In a ThinkShop there are no limits!  



Using our "What's Next?" strategy your team will commit to Do what they need to Do!  

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Let's Move It! 

ThinkShops events are filled with the opportunity to move!  

A new seat = a new perspective.  

A new view = a new idea.  

A new  partner = new collaborations.  



Get Involved!

ThinkShops are filled with a variety of ways to engage the whole team.  From rambunctious to quiet and back again, this day keeps everyone engaged.   



Try New Things!

Maybe blowing bubbles is what your team needs to have a break through.  Maybe it's creating art. Your Thinkshop will have an atmosphere of discovery, so you can create your best ideas and solutions.